Over the years I have had the pain and pleasure of working with all sorts of teachers. In my area, there are two universities, one college and plenty of elementary to high schools. Some of my aunts were teachers, plus my husband and son are teachers. So, all varieties of teachers have crossed my path, needing to improve their situations and symptoms.

Most teachers’ response to anything new is to judge and grade. I’ve encountered judgment again and again in hundreds of sessions with university and college professors, high school teachers and elementary school teachers. Let’s face it, they are trained for judgment in their jobs. Rating and grading the performance of their students makes for a strong habit to rate everything in life.

Problems are created by a lack of intuitive connection in a world full of information and statistics. When a person’s first response is to be critical and negative, there’s no chance for change or growth in their life. It is entirely possible to shut down any chance for improvement when all judgment sees is what’s not good enough. How can we know and trust what “feels” right when our analytical mind is in control?

This brings us to the next level of resistance teachers present. They want to control every step along the way. Again, they were trained for this, to keep control of their students in the class.

Control can be a big Block to People’s Progress

Teachers aren’t the only ones struggling with this problem. Giving up control can be a scary thing, for some, it’s all they have left. When an illness has taken control, it can be brutal for individuals who are used to orchestrating everything around them. Letting go, allowing another to guide and assist is not their first choice.

Fear and Doubt ALWAYS hide behind a need for Control

The ocean of doubt produces question after question. Sometimes questioning is competitive, trying to show they know more. Why would anyone want fear and doubt to control us? Fear and doubt can keep us frozen, stuck with nowhere to go. Change can be uncomfortable as we rise and transform. Some people prefer staying stuck, living with depression and pain. It’s a comfortable misery, a familiar story they are used to.

Eventually, most teacher clients let the reins go, and we make real progress together! We all benefit when we allow wiggle room for new and different experiences.