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Benefit from the comfort of your home or any location!

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects may improve with less anxiety and stress. Many feel calmer, sometimes sleepy during a Life Force Energy call and later report feeling energized.

Julia connects with all registered participants on the call. She is often quiet while focusing on the overall group. It is best for you to be alone in a quiet, comfortable, isolated place for listening to the call, NOT while driving.

Receive a Life Force Energy transmission, connecting you with the intelligent, powerful and transformational Life Force energy from nature.

Life Force Energy Calls boost potential for every participant.

FREE Life Force Energy Transmission Sample

FREE GROUP calls with monthly Adult Life Force Energy Transmissions

I went into the energy transmission feeling depressed.
I am now feeling brighter, and I could feel warm, loving energies.
Thank you. ~ Ruth T.

Before the call, you’ll receive an email with your personal link and phone number for joining the Life Force Energy Call.

To gain the most from a Life Force Energy call, everyone signed up should be on the live call. If registered and for some reason, you miss the call, you will still benefit being on Julia’s call list.

You may not feel the calls or realize results immediately, various benefits may be noticed at different times. Everyone has a distinct path to their transformation over time.

NEW Clients please submit Client Info form on Thank you page after payment first time.

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