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DISCLAIMER: I understand that no claims are made in providing energy transmissions or the use of any methods, of treatment or cures for my conditions, symptoms, injuries, illness or disease. I acknowledge that all programs and services received are for my general well-being. As each person is different, results may vary. It is possible that emotional or physical sensations and/or unresolved memories may surface which could be perceived as negative side effects. These may continue to surface, indicating other issues that may need to be addressed. I understand that Julia Grace McCammon makes no guarantee or promises as to the outcome of any services provided, including energy transmissions, sessions and group calls. Services provided by Julia Grace McCammon are not meant for the purpose of medical diagnosis, treatment, curing, prevention of any disease or psychological disorder or working contrary to medical advice. I understand that nothing in our communications nor any information presented in website pages should be construed as medical diagnosis or treatment. I agree to see a licensed physician, or health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment. As a client and voluntary participant, I hereby release Julia Grace McCammon from any liability, including personal injury, accident, or any physical, mental or emotional condition that may result from receiving any energy transmissions or any methods used during any sessions with me or any person or animal associated with me.