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David M.

“Through a process, Julia assisted me in moving from a place of fear to a place of tremendous joy! For me personally, things seemed to get worse before they got better, but the roller coaster ride was well worth it! It has changed my life and I am forever grateful!”


“I am truly grateful for knowing Julia and having her in my life for the past 3 1/2 years. I am grateful that she has helped me to have the courage to see myself honestly and to make positive changes in my life. I am grateful for the friendship that we have developed and her cheerful non-judgmental attitude. I am grateful that she always makes the time for me to have appointments and the clean, relaxing environment she provides for our visits.

I am grateful for the remote healing appointments that provide powerful healing from a distance without having to sacrifice opportunities to be with family and friends. I am grateful for her support when I really need a hug. I am grateful for the overall increased health in mind, body and spirit that I enjoy from consistent healing effort and constant encouragement and support.

Thank you so much Julia!”


“Julia has an effervescent spirit that is somehow calming, a paradox perhaps but Julia has the ability to join these two qualities seamlessly. I have known Julia long before I saw her professionally, her quirky fun energy somehow always managed to bring me peace, I didn’t know why but I always felt better after spending time with her.

Feeling lost at times looking for something but not really knowing what, Julia’s guidance through personal loss and health crisis have been a precious gift and road map for my personal journey to a better understanding of my purpose and acceptance of everyday life.

I feel fortunate to have her on my side with fresh perception and assistance to a happy, positive, peaceful outlook”

Yogi Bednjicki

“I contacted Julia to help me with specific health issues that had plagued me for over a year. Though I’d been seeing doctors and specialists, no one could tell me why I had difficulty swallowing. I was aspirating liquids, choking on food and always had the sensation that something was stuck in my throat. All of these symptoms were made worse by laying down so for a very long time I was averaging about 2-4 hours of sleep a night.

I’ve had three telephone sessions with Julia. During our calls I am able to notice the effects. The changes can feel subtle but are deep and powerful and continue for days. Our conversation is always thoughtful and she intuitively recognizes information that is meaningful in the moment.

So, three telephone sessions later and I’m sleeping through the night. I’m now able to enjoy my morning coffee and I’m not afraid to eat. We also addressed family relationships and on the eve of that session I had an easy 30-minute chat with a family member I was feeling distanced from. I’m pleasantly surprised as each day I continue to notice things changing and I look forward to seeing where the road takes us. Thank you Julia.”


“When I first came to Julia for help, I was having a number of MS related symptoms. Julia has helped me to identify the emotional causes of many of my symptoms through her wonderfully intuitive work.

I now feel more balanced and in control and am happy to say that I have not had any of my symptoms return since beginning this work with Julia.”

Lisa R.

I was referred to Julia by a friend who had a wonderful experience with Julia helping her change some of the energy in her life. For the first few sessions I kept an open mind to the process but didn’t feel a huge amount of change in my situation or my feelings towards it…I was very much stuck in my own head!

After a couple of months of sessions, I began to notice changes in my abilities to feel more neutral about the challenges I face in life, to better keep perspective around them and to better cope with the difficult relationships that I have struggled with in the past.
Persevering with my sessions with Julia has definitely paid off and I feel more strong and capable every week!

C. T.
I called Julia regarding my daughter (10 yr. old) who was going through some difficult times at school. She was centered out and most of her friends had abandoned her. She was excluded from all activities with other friends as well. She began to struggle and her grades began to slip as well. She was beginning to become more and more depressed each day, to the point where she did not want to return to school. We tried to encourage her and keep her spirits high, but nothing was working.

I decided to ask Julia if she could speak to her and see if she can help her in any way. Julia suggested that we first try a remote group session. I have to admit at first I was very skeptical and reluctant to try, but with some deep thought we had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. I asked Julia to have my daughter in a remote group session and see what the outcome would be.

After the 3rd week we began to see that her approach and attitude towards the school had changed. She had a different outlook towards her friends and school. Her self confidence improved, comprehension and her maturity as well. Her giggling stopped and she began to respond as a young girl. Julia worked with her on 3 different remote group sessions and my wife and I could not believe how much she had changed during this time. Not only was she more attentive and responsible, but she regained her confidence. To top it all she moved on from her so-called friends to new and more sincere friends.

A week after the 3rd session ended (approximately 4 weeks) I received a telephone call from my daughter’s teacher. She wanted to tell me how well my daughter was doing and how much her marks have improved. She also mentioned that she had become much more mature and was handling any confrontations with a lot more ease and did not let anything bother her. Her teacher wanted to congratulate my wife and I on helping my daughter and could not believe how much she had changed in 3 weeks.

My wife and I have to thank Julia, where she helped my daughter overcome her insecurity and lack of confidence. My daughter now writes poems and loves her art, she draws and creates paintings that are uplifting. She even began guitar lessons where she plays until her heart is content.

I will continue with the remote group sessions with both my children since I have seen positive results. If anyone had to ask me about the remote group sessions that Julia offers, I would strongly suggest that they participate and let the healing begin. My wife and I can’t thank her enough.


“I feel lighter and happier than I have felt in months, maybe even years. It is so great to start to feel like me again!”

M. G.

“I have had in-person, telephone and skype sessions as well as group remotes and telecasts with Julia.

I have been seeing Julia for years and try to focus on spiritual and emotional improvement, but often times when I get in there, she knows immediately where to focus. I had a fall a few days ago and really injured my tailbone, I wasn’t sure what any doctor could do for me, so I thought I would start with Julia… well 10 minutes into my session, I could feel her working on me and I could feel the pain dissipate – I was sitting without discomfort and walking much easier as well. Every session I have with her ends with me feeling much better than when I came in and I really can’t believe how quickly she can start that improvement for me. Thank you so much for all you do Julia, I am so thankful that you are such an awesome healer.

Thanks so much for everything that you do for me and for others!”

T. Wilson

“It is with gratitude that I write this testimony about Julia. Having had three sessions over the phone and one in person, I can attest to the benefit of Julia’s healing work. With inflammation and pain as my primary problem, Julia worked to clear the blockages in me that I had been holding on to.

I took a trip out west and flew for the first time without any swelling or pain in feet and ankles. I felt more free than I have in a long time and had a wonderful visit with family.

Also, Julia helped a younger member of my family remotely with great benefits and remarkable changes. I am so grateful for Julia’s healing work and grateful I found her.”

Andrea S.

“I recently had many problems with my kidneys and many re-occurring bladder infections. I had been on many courses of antibiotics and nothing seemed to help. The final straw for me was the constant appearance of blood in my urine. My doctor sent me for tests including an Ultrasound that revealed a small kidney stone in one of my kidneys which contributed to my discomfort as well. I had a constant dull ache in my side and sometimes could not get comfortable. After reviewing the test results the doctor said there was nothing they could do for me and that it was likely “Interstitial Cystitis” and I would have to learn to live with it. I decided to see if Julia could do anything for me.

As Julia worked with me I could feel things shifting and working. I could especially feel it as she worked on my left kidney and felt an almost instant sense of relief. I have not had an infection or any blood in my urine since that appointment. I don’t know how I would have coped with those symptoms had it not been for Julia’s help.

I also have found it extremely convenient that Julia offers remote sessions. I have an extremely busy work schedule and commute, so I can’t always come into her office. I have started using remote sessions more and more and find they are equally effective as in-office ones. Often I will be at work and can feel a shift in me which I later find out was at the same time as my remote session ended! ”

Donna K.

“My experience with Julia was very powerful. I was able to unleash a great deal of emotional pain and start healing.

I left the first session feeling very drained but very soon after, I felt a sense of inner calm/peace. I felt light, less burdened, clearer thinking. I also noticed that people were responding to me in a favourable light (people were more attracted to me).

In the following session, I felt very energetic and alive. Julia was able to pinpoint past trauma in my body and work on healing these areas. I wish I had found Julia years ago!”

R. C.

“I’ve been working with Julia for a few months now and I am so pleased to report that my seasonal allergies lasted for a much shorter time this year and the symptoms were less intense. Usually I have to wait for the first frost to feel relief but this year, I was symptom-free by the last week of August.

Also, on a side note, and completely unexpected, I have noticed that my moods have evened out quite a bit and more days than not I wake up happy.

So grateful to you Julia. ”

K. G.

“I took Skype calls with Julia and I was astonished at how effective it was.

Julia has been changing my life in each session by bringing me into alignment with who I am. Everything feels fresh and new, clarity came in automatically after each session. I felt fantastic and as if she knew what I really needed to fix.

My hip was twisted after an accident, she knew it was and she fixed it and foot and shoulder and back. Most importantly she fixed my brain fog (concussion) which was causing most of my issue. She went deep into my past to fix my present physical and mental issues.

I am so deeply in debt to her for clearing obstacles in my life.”


“When I look back on my first visit with Julia Grace I remember how I was so buried in my thoughts. It was obvious that I had piles of clutter to work through and years of my past to let go of. My tendency to dwell on details unnecessarily, analyzing the “should haves”, were keeping me from looking ahead and enjoying all of the positives in my life.

Julia Grace’s unique approach to clearing out barriers that I thought were keeping me emotionally safe proved to be a comfortable, calming process. The more I relax when I am there, the less weighed down I am. She works through my past like I was never able to, deals with some of my huge obstacles so I can get on with my life. Several visits have led to a new sense of freedom and some amazing breakthroughs. I have a new sense of lightness and am able to see my wonderful future instead of looking over my shoulder at my past.

It takes a special person to affect one’s life, with gifted healing talents, and a soothing way that makes you feel secure while your secrets are revealed. I have much heartfelt gratitude for Julia Grace’s work and how it has affected me.”

Jane L.

“Many thanks for the positive effects of easier digestion, a fantastic hip adjustment that greatly improved my balance and relief from intense shoulder and neck pain during two Group Telecasts. Thanks Julia, for sharing your energy and healing with me and my family.”


I leave Julia’s sessions clear headed and calm. I came to her with a buildup of stress and she has really helped change my life for the better!

With each session that passes I feel stronger and more confident, my relationships feel stronger and I am able to reconnect with myself and see the potential that I have now and for the future.

Thank you so much and I look forward to future sessions!

J. V.

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