Strong women are aware of their own value and recognize the strengths and potential of others. They communicate clearly and directly and expect others to do the same. Women are feeling more empowered and have more authority and leadership roles.

Commitment and dedication are in their nature, they follow through 100%

Some people may be intimidated and unsure when dealing with a strong woman. Her quick mind and fast speech can overwhelm many people, including her partner, family and co-workers. A strong woman will quickly spot weak characters and won’t have time for excuses. She knows direct communication is an essential part of finding solutions for problems.

Her priority is to get results, she may seem impatient or a tad bossy at times, to get things done well and efficiently. She’s won’t pamper you with fake smiles and compliments. She will appreciate real effort and always tell you the truth!

Strong Women Want Independent Partners

A strong woman respects and values relationships that are open and honest.
She wants an enjoyable, beneficial and respectful relationship with a partner, where both people love and want each other, but don’t need each other. She won’t stand for being controlled and wants a partner who can keep up, at least most of the time.

Strong Women Know When To Let Go

A strong woman is a fighter, she may have been bullied in the past, but not anymore. She knows when it is time to let go of toxic relationships. Toxic bosses, partners or family may each feel her wrath when she’s had enough of them trampling her spirit!

Strong Women Need Time Alone

A strong woman isn’t afraid of being alone, she enjoys time with herself. She knows quiet time alone is important and healthy for restoring her own energy.

Strong Women Always Want To Improve

A strong woman keeps herself informed and is always ready to learn. She is not afraid to look at herself and take responsibility for her part in situations that hold her back. Her goal is to become her best self and she chooses her direction. She accepts and processes through all her emotions in order to move forward.

Many clients are strong and capable women, struggling with a few lingering issues.
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