How many people have an easy time falling asleep at night?

Having trouble with sleep is a common problem most people just live with. Sleeping when we want seems normal for a few, but most of us have challenges with sleep. My husband is blessed with the ability to sleep when he chooses, falling asleep in minutes, like a light switch on and off!

There are lots of suggestions available for falling sleep such as:

  1. Be smart about what and when you eat
  2. Manage exposure to light and bright screens
  3. Have better bedtime habits

Sleep or lack of sleep can lift us up or pull us down

Troubling thoughts can repeat in our heads, keeping us awake worrying for hours in the night, so there isn’t much energy left in the morning. Talk about starting off on the wrong foot. When exhausted to begin with, how well do we function throughout the day? Chronic insomnia and tiredness can feed a depressed mood with less hope, more stress and fear for the future. As weeks, months and years with lack of sleep continue, it becomes habit to live with less energy and vitality.

Another factor is the Quality of Sleep

I never realized the importance of sleep quality until I received my first Trivedi Effect® remote Life Force energy transmission from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi during a group webcast. That night I slept more soundly and deeply than ever before and the next day felt refreshed and full of energy! It was surprising to feel so good after one night of quality sleep, but one thing was for sure, I wanted more!

The absolute number one game changer for improving my sleep quality has been consistently receiving remote Life Force energy transmissions.

Getting more sleep and better sleep quality is an improvement many clients now appreciate and enjoy!