Feel Better in Your Body & Your Life

Everyone has a unique, individual path of transformation and change throughout life.

Life Force energy can simultaneously provide calmness and emotional relief along with mental, physical and spiritual empowerment. This creates potential for improvement in overall health and well-being.


  • Experience steady personal growth and renewal with increasing Life Force energy.
  • As you receive this intelligent energy you may feel refreshed, renewed and uplifted to new levels of consciousness.
  • Awareness grows with less mind chatter and more physical body comfort. Benefits can happen at various times, some quickly and others need time to clear what keeps us stuck.
  • Life Force energy is a gift that flows with strong connection. No techniques are used in Life Force energy transmissions.

  • As your baggage and blockages shift, you may feel less emotional trauma, pain, and weakness.
  • Enable fresh progress and enjoyment in your life through regular Life Force energy transmissions.
  • Improve relationships with your partner, children, relatives, friends and co-workers.


  • Energy transmissions / Biofield energy healing / Consciousness Energy Healing are the same

  • Individual Energy transmissions are remotely delivered during sleep, when you are more receptive
  • Life Force Energy transmissions take place with people or animals anywhere, no phone or internet access required

  • Child Energy transmissions are for ages 15 or younger

  • Private Sessions: Via telephone, online or in-person, connect with Julia to gain insights relating to problems in your life. Julia tracks information with her resources and the body may adjust itself to improve. Call at appointment time and get results from the comfort of home or anywhere.

  • Transformation happens over time, allow yourself to observe changes and notice what is different


Private Sessions with Julia


2 Private Sessions
over max 2 months

Two x 30 Minutes

Telephone or Online
Sessions Only





3 Private 45 minute Sessions over 3 weeks
3 Life Force Energy
During Sleep





5 Private Sessions
over max 5 months

Five x 45 Minutes

Telephone, Online
or In person





 5 Private 45 Minute Sessions over max
3 mos & 1 Weekly
Life Force Energy
transmission During Sleep for 3 months




Consistent Connection is Optimal for Creating Lasting Change

Monthly Life Force Energy Transmissions

Choice of frequency – 1, 2 or 3 every week


1 Life Force Energy transmission per Week

$175 per month




1 Life Force Energy transmission per Week

$200 per month




2 Life Force Energy transmissions per Week

$300 per month




3 Life Force Energy transmissions per Week

$400 per month



To book a session

Receive the intelligent energy of consciousness through Life Force Energy transmissions.
Commit to your transformation to achieve more clarity, happiness and wellness.

Feel Better as You Observe More and Absorb Less – Lighten Up and Enjoy Life!


I leave Julia’s sessions clear-headed and calm. I came to her with a build-up of stress and she has really helped change my life for the better! With each session that passes I feel stronger and more confident, my relationships feel stronger and I am able to reconnect with myself and see the potential that I have now and for the future.
Thank you so much and I look forward to future sessions!

J. V.

Many thanks for the positive effects of easier digestion, a fantastic hip adjustment that greatly improved my balance and relief from intense shoulder and neck pain during two Group Calls. Thanks Julia, for sharing your energy and healing with me and my family!


I have been working with Julia through in-person sessions. Prior to our work together I was overwhelmed by anxious thoughts, self-doubt, and a really “busy mind” that would prevent me from just being “in the moment”. I also had a lot of physical discomfort, including headaches and neck pain. I was amazed when my neck pain and headaches improved (something that chiropractors or massage therapists were not able to help with). I am also much more relaxed, less anxious and enjoying life and work more as I am able to be mindful and am freed of the negative/anxious “self-talk” that was happening in my head constantly. Julia has had a huge impact on the quality of my life. I recommend her highly!


When I first came to Julia for help, I was having a number of MS related symptoms. Julia has helped me to identify the emotional causes of many of my symptoms through her wonderfully intuitive work. I now feel more balanced and in control and am happy to say that I have not had any of my symptoms return since beginning this work with Julia.

Lisa R.

I’ve been working with Julia for a few months now and I am so pleased to report that my seasonal allergies lasted for a much shorter time this year and the symptoms were less intense. Usually, I have to wait for the first frost to feel relief but this year, I was symptom-free by the last week of August. Also, on a side note, and completely unexpected, I have noticed that my moods have evened out quite a bit and more days than not I wake up happy. So grateful to you Julia.

K. G.
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