We are taught many early truths by family, unfortunately their wisdom isn’t always best for our success.

A childhood moment that strongly affected me was my father’s words after viewing my excellent report card. “98? Why didn’t you get 100?”

These few words had great power, along with negative comments and events that chipped away at my self-confidence. Dad was repeating his experience as youngest in the family. As parents our job is not to break the spirit of our children, nor is it to fill their heads with delusions and expectations.

When adult life begins feeling worthless and lacking confidence, how do we believe in our self and trust others?

Starting off on the wrong foot is brutal, I’ve been there. Determined to break from my father’s rule, I gave up on getting a university education. At age 17 this small-town girl was living in the big city of Montreal, working full time, renting an apartment and paying my own way. Yes, it was dangerous and bad stuff happened.

If vulnerable out of the gate, how do we cope with everyday troubles in life? Doubt and fear are super glue, they keep us stuck, unable to move forward and block our growth.

I listened to everyone else and thought they knew better. Thankfully my inner guidance usually kicked in and saved me from total disaster. Scary life-threatening events were when I was distracted or upset and missed following strong intuitive clues.

Self doubt, lack of confidence and trust can create a need for control in life.

We think if we keep watch and control every aspect of life, we’ll be safe and do better. WRONG!! Take it from a past perfectionist who worked tirelessly at controlling every detail, always on alert for the next problem.

Doubt, fear and lack of trust give power to go in all the wrong directions, avoiding happiness.

How do we spot wonderful opportunities with foggy vision of doubt and fear?

A few clients with nasty past experiences stubbornly cling to a need for control, taking extra time for questions to be answered. Progress is slow while they fight for control, keep walls up and deny opportunities to improve. My frustration is seeing so much potential continually wasted with resistance.

Do these questions create less stress, better overall health and happiness?

Life Force Energy transmissions connect us with the intelligent and powerful Life Force energy of creation. There is infinite potential for life changing transformation, but for maximum benefit, we must let go!