Some new clients ask about Private sessions and what methods are used. Since 2004 I have studied and been certified in many healing methods. They assist tracking information about symptoms and situations, but are simply tools to help pinpoint weak areas and influences. No tools are ever used during Life Force Energy transmissions, these are for transforming our totality!

If a cook puts time and effort into preparing a tasty stew, do you credit the knife used to cut the vegetables? The cook has the recipe, brings fresh ingredients and determines the best combination to produce a wonderful stew. The cook creates potential, but the stew must receive energy for best outcome. As this flow of energy continues, the mixture transforms into a delicious meal! Divine guidance and Life Force energy flow within this process.

I speak from cooking experience as well as summers working at my father’s hardware store surrounded by endless varieties of tools for any task. It has been natural for me to like various tools for situations but every tool has limits.

In Private Telephone, Online or In person sessions I have said, “It can be like looking in a big dark room with a small flashlight.” Tools can help narrow down items needing attention. Divine Grace shines a bright, powerful spotlight of transformational Life Force energy from nature.

In 2011 I began receiving Trivedi Effect® Biofield energy / Life force energy blessings and later joined the Healers Mastery program. Here my connection with the source of creation has strengthened and gifts have amplified. A strong connection allows powerful intelligent Life Force energy to flow!

I have been a natural healer for as long as I can remember and all my life learning guides and pushes me forward with greater awareness.

Life challenges bring chances for growth, when you’re in the ditch there’s nowhere else to go but up. I’ve hit the ditch many times and the difference is I rise again and get back on my feet. Plenty of events in my life have slapped me down hard but these experiences also taught me lessons. We have a choice in life to bend or break by our traumas, I have chosen to bend. My life experiences and resilience are a huge part of my dedication to people wanting to find solutions and happiness in their life.

Nature’s wisdom powers my abilities as intelligent Life Force energy flows to every client.