What is a Healing Crisis?2020-11-11T17:31:43-05:00

During the process of transformation, people elevate to new and higher levels of consciousness. When people elevate to the next level, some feel uncomfortable for a small period of time as they adjust with the new situation in their life. For example, if you are living in the dark and suddenly somebody turns on a light, your eyes need some time to adjust with the environment of light. In the journey from darkness to light and from light to even greater light, in every new situation, people feel a little discomfort while adjusting to their new environment and state of being. The discomfort during this period of adjustment is what we call a “healing crisis” and will resolve itself over a short period of time.

How often should I receive energy transmissions?2020-11-11T17:27:37-05:00
Receiving multiple transmissions can bring greater results and at a faster rate. Compare it to frequent exercise when you are trying to lose weight and tone your body, the more frequently you receive this energy, the faster you will transform.
Can this energy be a substitute for my doctor’s prescription?2018-06-04T06:01:48-04:00
Julia Grace McCammon’s programs and services are not for medical diagnosis, treatment, or working contrary to medical advice.
How are Individual energy transmissions different from Group energy transmissions?2018-06-04T05:48:14-04:00
Group energy transmissions are more focused on overall growth and well-being. Individual energy transmissions are more concentrated
and personalized to focus on your specific needs.
Will I feel and experience immediate benefits?2020-11-11T17:37:26-05:00
Great improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, health, emotional balance, sexual fulfillment, self – confidence, sleep patterns and finances have been reported, but the immediacy in which the transformational benefits unfold varies from person to person. (Trivedieffect.com)
You may not feel energy transmissions or realize the results immediately. It is important to remember transformation is a process over time, not an instant event. Simply allow yourself to notice what is different and observe changes along the way.
How is Julia Grace McCammon different from other healers?2018-06-04T05:51:03-04:00
She is a genuine healer who has demonstrated her ability to harness and transmit this energy under stringent, internationally accepted models of scientific research. Her gift has been tested, measured, documented and published in international, peer -reviewed science journals. Other healers do not have scientific validation.
How are energy transmissions different from healing?2018-06-04T06:09:29-04:00
Although healing naturally occurs as part of the process of transformation, this energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing.” This energy transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential! (Trivedieffect.com)
How do I know this energy is real and authentic?2018-06-04T05:55:28-04:00
The amazing impact of this natural phenomenon has been measured, validated and documented in over 4,000 studies at major research institutes throughout the world and published in nearly 200 scientific leading peer – reviewed journals internationally. This research on the Trivedi Effect is available on the university library websites of the world’s top universities, like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Penn State University, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Oxford and Cambridge as well as the National Institute of Health (NIH). Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have benefitted from this phenomenon and are enjoying its life – altering rewards. (Trivedieffect.com)
I have a healthy physical body – can these energy transmissions help me spiritually?2018-06-06T00:51:23-04:00

Many have reported spiritual awakenings, more intense or frequent spiritual experiences, and deeper, more profound meditation. This is because these Energy Transmissions clear blockages and connect you to the God of your understanding, or the source/universal intelligence that is the reservoir of peace. (Trivedieffect.com)

What are the benefits of energy transmissions?2018-06-06T00:51:23-04:00

This Divine energy is universal and intelligent. It identifies and targets the underlying cause – not symptoms – of all life’s issues and imperfections, holistically healing us from the inside out to optimize every facet of our physical and spiritual lives. (Trivedieffect.com)

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