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Julia Grace McCammon is a gifted natural healer and promoter of Life Force science. She has the ability to harness the intelligent Life Force energy from nature and transmit it to people and animals anywhere in the world. Life Force energy has the potential to raise the consciousness and enhance the happiness and quality of life of the recipient.

Julia Grace’s Life Force energy healing ability / Biofield energy healing ability / prayer to God / ability to harness God’s Grace / Divine energy blessing has been tested and validated via preclinical cell-based and mouse-model experiments, which have been published in international peer-reviewed science publications.

DISCLAIMER: please note that Julia Grace McCammon has not done any clinical trial that suggests any kind of results or benefits related to human health. No human health-related benefits have been scientifically validated, and Julia Grace McCammon does not give any guarantee to provide any kind of health benefits. 

Preclinical Research Findings (cell-based & mouse model)





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